The team

Andree Bölkow - Innovative Leader

Andree took over the management of the team in 2021. He does what managing directors do. He also takes care of new projects and contacts. Andree is always happy to talk to you directly to get honest feedback on easy inks.

Patricia Saum - The insider

Patricia is back with us after a short break. Not yet one of our customers? Patricia always has the right offer for you! She's always on the lookout for new customers and markets for us. She may well get in touch with you and simply ask how things are going.

Sabine Knappe – Helping Hand

Sabine has been working for us since 2006. Together with Jessica, she is responsible for order processing and fulfillment. Do you have a special request or just a question? Sabine will be happy to help you!

Jessica Mühlberger - Problem solver

Jessica has been an integral part of our company since 2008. Together with Sabine, she is responsible for order processing and fulfillment. If there are any problems or special requirements, Jessica is the right person to contact.

Christine Bouwer - Juggler

Christine started working here in 2003. She looks after the accounts and ensures that we always have enough high-quality raw materials in stock at good prices. If something needs to be shipped quickly, Christine takes care of it.

Dr. Stephan Meskath - The Ink Expert

Stephan has been the master of the inks since 2022. He develops and optimizes our recipes. Together with Dennis, he also puts them through their paces. Special requirements? No problem, Stephan makes it possible!

Dennis Grbavac – Creative engineer

Dennis has been with us since 2023. He takes care of the creative tasks in-house. He also likes to take care of special requests such as color management and works hand in hand with Stephan in development.

Production & Shipping - The Comrades

Our production and dispatch team consists of Daniela, Ellen, Vanessa, Giuseppe and Phillip, among others. They take care of production on site and fast shipping to you!

Akira, Lina & Nana - The plushologists

Our 3 office dogs provide some variety in everyday life. Bad day? No problem, one of the 3 will always take care of our problems.