Our ink production in Germany

For more than 25 years, easy inks has been supplying the digital printing industry with inks, spare parts, consumables and accessories from the Black Forest, Germany.

Production in Germany means short delivery routes. delivery routes. In contrast to many inks that are produced in Asia Asia and then shipped with a significantly higher CO2 footprint.

The team is constantly thinking about how we can further reduce our CO2 footprint. can. The focus here is on recycled cartridges, bottles and chips.

Guidelines & more safety

Our inks are manufactured in accordance with European guidelines and safety regulations. This means not only high environmental and social standards in production, but above all safety for the user. The Employer's Liability Insurance Association for Energy, Textile, Electrical and Media Products (BG ETEM) has confirmed that easy inks - unlike a number of original manufacturer inks - do not contain any reprotoxic components. All easy inks comply with the REACH regulations applicable in the European Union. They are properly labeled. There is an up-to-date safety data sheet for each ink.